Remembering Sabeen Mahmud

Today is the first anniversary of Pakistani social activist Sabeen Mahmud’s tragic death, and a reminder of the embattled front lines of the project of building a more united, tolerant society in South Asia. In Sabeen’s memory, there has been outpouring of love across the world on social media and in gatherings of friends from Karachi to London. This weekend, a two-day event in her hometown Karachi celebrates her life as it brings together Karachi’s creative communities that she worked hard to support and advance. The Pakistani band Laal just released a rendition of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s “Intesaab”, “dedicated to her courage and to the resilience of the ordinary working people of Pakistan whom she fought for.”

To learn about Sabeen’s life and legacy see The Life and Death of Sabeen Mahmud, Karachi’s Wild Child, Silenced – the day my daughter was shot in front of me. More here on the Sabeen Mahmud Foundation and the different projects that she started, carried on by her family and friends.

( Written by Nida Rehman)